• Wildfires in Saskatchewan prompt urgent call for prayer

    July 10, 2015

    SK fire 2015As of July 10th, 118 wildfires are burning out of control in Saskatchewan in what is being called one of the worst fires in history. To date, estimates are that 13,000 people have been displaced, many of them First Nations people located in remote reserves. The dry, hot weather is expected to continue through the summer. We've been hearing suggestions that the fires may continue to burn until the first snow. People have been evacuated not for days, but for weeks. How can you help?

    "People are asking what they can do to help,” explains Ron Ludke, Executive Director of LAMP. “The first thing is to be in prayer. People all over the North are asking us to pray for rain.

    “The second thing people can do is to remember that there are now thousands displaced from their homes, and to respond appropriately. Imagine you suddenly had to flee your home. What would that make you? Refugees.“

    Many of those displaced are being sheltered in Regina, Saskatoon, and Prince Albert. If you are living in or near one of these or other communities that are housing evacuees, Ron suggests, “Make an effort to go and ask people facing this situation how you can help them. Open your hearts, your homes, your churches to the people that are refugees in your own community. Go and ask: can we provide clothing? Can we provide food? How can we help?” 

    LAMP Director Ludke encouraged people to trust God to be in control of the wildfire situation. “Every year there are challenges in missions,” he noted. “Every year, challenges seem insurmountable, but God shows up. God responds. We expect God to do His part. Through this situation, God will create opportunities to reach out to people. We all need to be prepared to step in and respond however we can.”

    *Excerpted from Canadian Lutheran online article, July 8, 2015 - 

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